Entry #1

Hello Newgrounds ACCEPT ME!!

2013-03-23 16:57:09 by XToxicReaper

Hello Children and Adults,

They call me Ruben or occasionally Cheesehead depending on what site you are on. It seems to be the first time I ever made a news post on this fucking site. So there's not much shit I could talk about as of now. So far I have released a new song called Debiliate I think it's really decent song but who am I to judge it. Besides it my first song so it might scare the masses. So far no I been playing around with a lot of trance lately. Hopefully I can release a new song for you kids while I'm on spring break (no promises). Any way hopefully You and I will have a lovely experience on this site.

If anybody has any business inquiry or any just plain questions. Please pm me with all your love and joy. I will try to repsond as soon as humanly possible. Now I'm off to make mediocre music on a lovely saturday afternoon.



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2013-03-24 13:01:16

Welcome to NG! Hope this place is both insanely profitable and enjoyable and that your work inspires others to achieve unimaginable greatness! :)

XToxicReaper responds:

Well that is the plan of course to be profitable and inspire others


2013-03-25 21:40:07

Submit a second song, then I'll see and judge you.

XToxicReaper responds:

Then you'll have to wait for a very long time because I am known to be the greatest procrastinator of all time.