New Song and Another new song

2013-04-20 14:15:23 by XToxicReaper

So recently I just released a new song:

Social Isolation

Still since I'm so fucking lazy I didn't make a new post for it until today. This will be my last progressive house song for a while (due to the fact I been playing around with progressive house for over 6 months). It is time for me to move on to greater things. Now I am starting to get in to the vibe of drum and bass. Imo drum and bass is one of the best and most unrated genres out there. In due time the drum and bass track will come out soon....

Regardless check out that preview

As of now it sounds really rough since some parts of the song clip. In due time when I master it (and add on to the song) it should be fixed.....

Hopefully I will have enough songs in time to release an ep but who the fuck knows what the future in store.

Still hopefully you guys will listen to the song(s)
and have a good day/night/death/whatever

(Also I need some suggestions for an ep name and a logo...if anyone wants to help out be sure to comment down below.)


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2013-04-20 15:11:43

The new song is really good. A cool jam.

XToxicReaper responds:

Thank that's the goal of my style when making DnB