Ideas in my head....

2013-07-25 00:40:11 by XToxicReaper

I haven't been able to finish a song in a while because know that plateau always fucks things up. Well anyway here's a song I made and shit that's not even finished (I hope)... n-my-head


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2013-07-25 03:25:07

Song sounds really good so far! It's better to work on it when you really feel like it rather than forcing yourself to do it, so just wait until your in the mood, and get going! Only a suggestion, you can choose whether or not to take my advice. Good luck :)

XToxicReaper responds:

Yeah of course I try not to force it but, at times I wanna make music so bad but I can't think of nothing. Are there any specific parts of the song that you think need improvement?


2013-08-07 02:14:49

The motorbike/car sound at 0:15-0:40 could possibly be different or slightly altered, or maybe a bit quieter?? Also I think that there could be another layer of sound at 0:40, because the previous part was a bit 'louder' (for lack of a better word) but I don't think it should sound any fuller than that previous part.

Anyways, these are just suggestions. And I know that plateau you're talking about, I hate it! I get it with my animations (of which I haven't been able to upload here BECAUSE of that sort of limbo between doing something and not) Aside from those minor things, it sounds absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work! (I've listened to some of your other songs as well)

Also for in future, when you really want to make music but can't think straight, what I do is just make the basic beats using my voice (exactly like a metronome) and then add in extra beats (like snares and hats etc.), and then brainstorm other ideas and sounds that I think would be good together. Good luck!

XToxicReaper responds:

Yeah I think by the time I mix the sounds all together the Lamborghini sample I used should blend in. Since I got back from vacation I was able to get out the plateau and now I'm very excited to release a few pieces that I have in store. Thank you very much for the advice and compliments they were very well needed in my issue.