New song on NEWGROUNDS

2013-08-23 16:12:04 by XToxicReaper

After 1 month of procrastination I finally was able to finish this song:

Hope you guys enjoy the song. I will try to release some more unfinished tracks before the end of the year.

Ideas in my head....

2013-07-25 00:40:11 by XToxicReaper

I haven't been able to finish a song in a while because know that plateau always fucks things up. Well anyway here's a song I made and shit that's not even finished (I hope)... n-my-head

I haven't been making a post in newgrounds in a while...

I've been working out in the gym because I want to do parkour again....

Here's a test I made recently.... d-test

New song I'm working on: heese-w-i-p/s-p7nSq

Check it out

Remixes 1:30am

2013-05-04 01:39:09 by XToxicReaper

So like it been 13 days since my last post. I think it's time for me to post ya peoplez a little samplez of my works. Sadly I can't post it on the newgrounds since remixes contain unathorized samples. SOOOOO obviously I have to post it on soundcloud....

I remixed a song by radiohead

hopefully you will enjoy it..


Anway might release a drum and bass song before the end of the year so expect that. As you guys know I am never consistent with due dates so I'm going to give the broadest due dates possible.

So recently I just released a new song:

Social Isolation

Still since I'm so fucking lazy I didn't make a new post for it until today. This will be my last progressive house song for a while (due to the fact I been playing around with progressive house for over 6 months). It is time for me to move on to greater things. Now I am starting to get in to the vibe of drum and bass. Imo drum and bass is one of the best and most unrated genres out there. In due time the drum and bass track will come out soon....

Regardless check out that preview

As of now it sounds really rough since some parts of the song clip. In due time when I master it (and add on to the song) it should be fixed.....

Hopefully I will have enough songs in time to release an ep but who the fuck knows what the future in store.

Still hopefully you guys will listen to the song(s)
and have a good day/night/death/whatever

(Also I need some suggestions for an ep name and a logo...if anyone wants to help out be sure to comment down below.)

So I just came back from my vacation in D.C ironically I was still working on a new song. Which took a really short amount of time to make for some reason but I think it sounds good (CLICK ME FOR PREVIEW). Hopefully this song could be apart of my fourthcoming ep that so far only has one completed un mastered song...(and my first song 2). Hopefully I can pick up the paste with this shit but due to school and other crap who knows if it possible.

In other news,

I'm planning on making a remix of song. Sadly I have no idea which song to do so if you guys have any suggestions at all comment, pm me or send it to me on fax that works aswell.

but yeah that really all I have a to talk about in my boring life.....
Also I found this in D.C..........


Hello Newgrounds ACCEPT ME!!

2013-03-23 16:57:09 by XToxicReaper

Hello Children and Adults,

They call me Ruben or occasionally Cheesehead depending on what site you are on. It seems to be the first time I ever made a news post on this fucking site. So there's not much shit I could talk about as of now. So far I have released a new song called Debiliate I think it's really decent song but who am I to judge it. Besides it my first song so it might scare the masses. So far no I been playing around with a lot of trance lately. Hopefully I can release a new song for you kids while I'm on spring break (no promises). Any way hopefully You and I will have a lovely experience on this site.

If anybody has any business inquiry or any just plain questions. Please pm me with all your love and joy. I will try to repsond as soon as humanly possible. Now I'm off to make mediocre music on a lovely saturday afternoon.